Who is in charge of your Marketing Funnel?

Customer Insight

Marketing is – and has always been -about serving the needs and wants of customers for a profit.

Look at the most successful companies of our time:

Amazon has built a global empire that’s based on customer insight and service.

Apple is the branding master.

Mircrosoft ploughed investment into product innovation.

Tesla is the innovator.

Regardless of the plethora of tactics and tools that have bust onto the scene in the last ten years or so, all of these businesses abided by the tried and tested rule – that customers are always king. They then adopted particular strategies in order to serve said customer whilst at the same time making profit. 

Centre of the strategy

Once your company has identified a lucrative business opportunity the next stage is to pinpoint your target market and then find out everything you can about them.

From there designing a marketing funnel will help convert your target market into paying and ideally loyal customers.

Successful funnels

Building a successful marketing funnel relies on organising a lot of different variables so that they all working together towards a common goal.

These variables will involve selecting the right channels, value propositions, platforms, tactics, tools, messaging, copy, creatives, user experience and more in order to promote your business effectively.

There’s a lot to think about: Conducting customer research to acquire sufficient knowledge about them is essential for getting this right. It’s important not to assume.

We are not the customer

It’s very important that we, as business people, entrepreneurs or marketers do not make the mistake of modelling the customer on our own behaviours, situations and priorities.

The person at the heart of the funnel – and therefore in charge of it – is your customer.

When designing your marketing funnel, take the time to take an objective look at who you really want residing at the centre of this funnel.

With an understanding of who they are, you can turn your attention towards applying your knowledge to facilitating their journey – from a state of unawares and towards becoming an ambassador for your brand.