WTH is a marketing sales funnel anyway?

If you have heard about marketing funnels and how they can be used to turn unknown audiences into loyal customers then you might be wondering how you should go about getting one for yourself.

Turn to the internet for some guidance, however, and things get a little confusing quite fast.

Selling ‘marketing funnels’ as a guise for their platforms, coaching programmes, page builders and analytics software; you’ll suddenly find out that there are no shortage of companies selling their wares.

It kind of prompts the question: “If a marketing funnel can be packaged up and sold as a product or stand alone service, then what exactly will I get if I buy?”

A marketing funnel is a process

The truth is a marketing funnel is a process – a process that needs to be engineered.

It’s not something that can be sold as a commodity in its entirety and as a tangible thing.

This is because your marketing funnel needs to be engineered to fit the unique traits and characteristics of your sector, business objectives and customers.

Selling a marketing funnel is like selling a design for a car. Car manufacturers don’t turn to the internet and find an off the shelf design for their latest product.

They know that a successful product design needs to incorporate every aspect of their business in order to be successful – their resources, their target market and their brand. A marketing funnel is the same.

More on marketing funnels

Putting it as simply as possible, a marketing funnel is a framework – or a sequence of marketing stages – that are put together to work towards a particular business outcome or goal.

This framework needs to be especially engineered to accommodate a number of unique and varying factors.

Companies selling platforms, coaching programmes, page builders and analytics software do play their part when it comes to marketing funnels. But they are selling the building blocks – the tactics and tools. These tactics and tools are deployed by the funnel engineer to turn the concept from a two-dimensional diagram on a page into a fully functioning objective-driven machine.

They are in reality just like car mechanics selling you break-pads and oil.

Companies selling a one size fits all solution to marketing funnels can’t design and build your funnel for you, but they can play a part in getting it up and running and might even help keep it running well.

We are funnel engineers

At Masterplan Marketing, we are marketing funnel engineers.

We design, build and maintain the funnels we create for our clients according to their own specific criteria and needs.

Drop us a line today if you’d like our friendly and professional help when it comes to engineering a marketing funnel that’s designed with your specific objectives in mind.

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