How to build a marketing strategy

Successful marketing strategies are aligned to business goals. It is the only way of making sure you get what your business needs out of your investment.

Business goals can take many forms. They may be financial or operational. A good marketing strategy will go all the way – or part of way – to realising it.

Co-existing strategies

Say you have a financial objective – to raise profitability by 25% in six months. A marketing strategy could potentially achieve this in entirity – if it was designed to bring in extra sales, for instance.

However, there may be other business factors to consider that mean the marketing strategy exists as part of a bigger picture.

In this example your company may deem it necessary to implement a further strategy that improves the efficiency of your manufacturing line in a bid to cut overheads. Both of these strategies can exist together to contribute to the overriding goal.

Making marketing accountable

With this in mind, good marketing strategies feed into specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and measurable marketing objectives. This means it is easier to make marketing accountable within the confines of its role.

Business goals in mind, marketing objectives established; when you know where you are headed, it’s a lot easier to plot out a journey that’ll get you there.

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