Public and Media Relations

Coverage or endorsements from reputable media outlets – whether online or offline – are the cream of the crop when it comes to building publicity and building the public’s trust.

As a brand owner, PR is a powerful tool that can be used to great effect.

Looking to increase brand awareness through media relations and PR

Contact Masterplan Marketing today.

We can build and implement a bespoke PR plan for your business, whether as part of your ongoing marketing plan or as a one off project.

Work with Masterplan Marketing and we will help you generate newsworthy stories, identify opportunities to contribute to features and articles, manage your press office and build valuable links to your site that not only contribute to more traffic, but increase your position in the search engines too.

Our services extend to drafting and distributing press releases; creating and managing your media database; building relationships with editors, bloggers, website managers and journalists on your behalf – and monitoring opportunities to ensure maximum exposure and coverage.

If you're looking for a good PR person who can get your brand in the news, talk to Helen.
Helen is bright, creative and media savvy. Whatever the project or task, she gets things done.

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