SEO programmes designed to meet customer intent and need

If your business relies on customers finding you online, then you’ll need a reliable, regular SEO service that’ll help your website show up in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

However, much is changing in the world of optimisation, meaning some of the more traditional SEO practices are becoming obsolete. 

 Understanding customer want and need

Today, successful SEO is all about understanding the customer and building a website that meets and exceeds their wants and needs.

No longer the domain of the tech heads and ‘ninjas’; SEO in 2020 means building customer-centric websites and integrating them as part of the broader marketing strategy.

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  • Analytics report
  • Ongoing maintenance and consultation


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our SEO services? You might find the answer here, or simply email us with your query. 

Yes, we are SEO consultants. As well as providing tactical support and service plans, we also offer advice and guidance regarding strategy and planning to make sure you get the best out of your investment. 

Our SEO servies pricing model aims to be as fair and transparent as possible. You tell us what you are looking to achieve, and we will create a bespoke SEO plan for you business that aims to reach this goal but one that still stays within your budget. 

A search engine marketing company works with its client to identify optimisation opportunities, based on the customers search activity. The aim is to beat the competition to the top of the search engine results page so that the client’s site is one of the first site in the organic results that the customer sees. 

The SERP is very important as, typically, internet users tend to click on the first three results in the organic results. 

Yes, if a client wants to target customers in a certain location then it naturally makes sense to optimise the site for local searches, taking into account ‘near me’ and optimising the site’s content for place names. 

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