How to market your services

The service sector accounts for a huge part of the UK’s GDP. And, with an explosion of new talent offering their professional services in everything from finance to management to technology, competition for customers can be rife.

The trouble with selling services

Finding new customers is often a concern for many professional services firms. Contrary to selling tangible, physical products, selling services can be tricky: It can be hard to communicate what you do in a succinct and meaningful way.

Turning a service into a product

The key to overcoming this barrier is to start thinking in terms of services, and instead start thinking in times of products. This helps set customer expectations and will help you promote what you do more effectively.

Looking to sell more of what you do?

Here are some tactics to consider:

  1. Sell increments of time: Including a booking option on your website is a great way of monetising your time and gives customers an easy way to book you and even pay for your services up-front.
  2. Create service packages: Packaging up your most popular services and offering them as a complete package or subscription service means you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel everytime you meet a new prospect. It also means you can create a page on your website and have potential clients sign up without having to pitch every time.
  3. Don’t sell services; sell outcomes. If you’re a photographer, people don’t really do business with you because they want to spend time with you in the studio. What they really want is a picture that’s going to get them a new job – or a new love. As a professional services specialist, you’re in business to solve problems or make life better for your clients. Find out what that painpoint or vulnerability is and then craft your sales pitch around it.

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